Better comfy Bras and Underwear with 3D printing technology

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Forget the tight and uncomfortable bra, the versatility of lingerie must be combined with your comfort and wearing a seamless bra has its advantages, in addition has a few health benefits. Also, your breasts are lovely, so there's no need to underire bras are designed to create overly structured positioning that looks nothing like our natural breasts.

Better comfy Bras and Underwear with 3D printing technology - The Cosmolle use 3D printers to fabric yours products. Cosmolle's 3D innovative technology replaces ordinary stitching for super comfort and creates an airy structure for maximum breathability.

These are some of the comfy underwear women in the site.

Redefining self care with wireless bras and underwear the Cosmolle create Collagen-Infused Bras & Underwear. Collagen Polyamide Yarn are biomimetic fibers with a and permanent coating of collagen. With collagen-infused underear, you're caring for the skin underneathh with collagen that help improve the skin's elasticity.

In addition, the brand is committed to sustainability, pushing the boundaries of what is eco-friendly with bras and underwear made with recycled fish scales purchased from fishing. After an intense round of purification and a lot of chemistry, fish scales transform into Polyamide Collagen Yarns to create bras and underwear that do more for you. No need for cotton that affects the environment by consuming fresh water and energy, and no polyester that produces harmful emissions from used oils during manufacturing.

Cosmolle's Bras and Underwear are Eco-friendly, skin-loving and 3D printed.

This is a publipost, but all the pieces were chosen with a lot of love by me. I loved each one of them, so I can't help but recommend this cute store to you!

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